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Added: Oct 29th, 2017
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Min Deposit: $3
Max Deposit: $100000
Referral: 2%%
Withdrawal: Manual

Investment: $50.00 Payout: 4% User Rating: 10.0 (6 votes) Listed: 83 days

 Program Description 
Forget about Forex, Stocks and Real-Estate Funds: They all have their benefits, but they can never beat the income potential from Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Marketing Campaigns combined with digital information products! Our strategy is to either create digital information products ourselves, or make Joint-Venture partnerships with existing digital product creators, and then run massive marketing campaigns through Cost-Per-Action Networks such as CashNetwork, CPA KING & MaxBounty. These networks have connections with more than a hundred thousand affiliates combined, and these affiliates are paid a certain price per lead (potential customer) they send to our marketing pages. We then collect their contact information and other relevant information from this potential customer, and once they enter our sales funnel we will follow up with them through email, phone and skype calls and re-targeting advertisement campaigns on Facebook and other relevant media. The front end of our sales funnel will typically sell the customer a $49.99 information product on for example on how to make money online. Then our system will convince them to buy our upgraded products varying in price between $129 and all the way up to $999. After someone has purchased our 16 person strong sales force will contact the customer and hear if they need any help, and eventually upsell them on our customized, high-value, personal coaching services with a regular starting price of $5000, all the way up towards $15000. Our average income per customer is $1972.55 (as of October 9th 2016), while the cost to acquire such customer is on average only $55. Needless to say, our profitability is extremely good.